Pinghu Jianxin Extruded Net Packing Co., Ltd.
2999 Xin Gong Road,Pinghu City, China
Tel: 86 573 85986777
Fax: 86 573 85985678
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Pinghu Jianxin extruded mesh Packing Co., Ltd. , was established in 1985 . Our factory is located in Suzhou Province, China at present time, and we have moved to Pinhu city Zhejiang Province at the end of 2014 for business expanding concern.
Our company specializes in producing all kinds of plastic extruded net; widely used in fruits, vegetables , aquatic products, toys and other retail packaging. Also can be used in metal parts , glass, porcelain protection , water filtration , aquaculture and other fields.
We have brought advanced production equipment which is able to fulfill the goal of mechanized production with stability quality, and fast delivery. Sincerely welcome customers to negotiate, achieve a win-win situation .
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