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Backed by 50 years of history and technology, we strive to supply delicious bananas – the most consumed fruit in Japan – as one of our major commodities. We currently supply about 10% of the Japanese domestic share. In order to provide a stable supply of bananas, which are drawing more attention as a healthy food, we have structured an integrated distribution system in which everything is controlled and operated by ourselves – from managing the production site overseas through to importing, processing and finally selling. We conduct thorough quality control, with our employees overseeing all processes. As the consumption circumstances rapidly change and become more diverse, we are constantly looking into commodities and services that will satisfy the needs of our customers with all our business partners. We want to be valued by our customers by fully meeting their demands. We will continue to develop our business based on the theme of “Contributing to the development if the economy and society through providing safe and delicious bananas.”

We offer a variety of items in our fresh food business. Our flagship products are own-brand bananas – Frescana from the Philippines and Tanabe Farm from Ecuador. We oversee everything from production to sales in Japan to deliver a safe, reassuring product that allows customers to understand where their bananas come from.
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Yoshihiro Mishima
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