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ATAGO(爱拓)无损糖度计——PAL-HIKARi 系列,透过红外检测原理,毋需切肉,毋需取汁,非破坏式设计,仅需贴合水果表面即可快速获取糖度!为果蔬业栽培指导、果树改良、成熟度监测、采摘期控制、快速分装、品质监控、快速抽检、水果验收、销售定价等各项环节提供快速、专业的检测方案!
We specialize in packing, shipping & marketing GreenFruit Avocados worldwide, direct to our clients.

The advantage of our programs is that we are able to control the harvest, cold chain management, traceability and quality of fruit that gets packed in every single box, thus making us a fully integrated avocado supplier